TENMAT-RAILKO Shaft Line Bearings trusted by the German Navy for F123 Brandenburg Class Frigate


Tenmat helped the German Navy with repairing the F123 Brandenburg Class Frigate by supplying composite shaft line bearing for the vessel.

The vessel

The F123 Brandenburg class is a class of German frigate, primarily carrying out antisubmarine warfare, but they also contribute to antiaircraft warfare defences, the tactical command of squadrons, and surface-to-surface warfare operations. Their design includes some stealth features.


The Brandenburg has a displacement of 4,700t fully loaded and an overall length of 138.9m. The ship has a maximum speed of 29kt using the gas turbines and 18kt using the diesel engines. The ship can accommodate 118 crew.


The ship is powered by a CODOG (combined diesel or gas) plant of two GE 2500 gas turbines, each rated at 33,600hp with a power turbine speed of 3,600rpm, and two MTU ZOV956 TB92 diesel engines, each developing 6,568hp at 1,500rpm, driving two shafts with controllable-pitch propellers.

RAILKO Marine Bearings

Tenmat has offered an in-depth technical consultation in order to propose the most optimal material for the propulsion system of the vessel. RAILKO was the material of choice thanks to its advantages such as reduced stick slip, improved lower vibration and market leading wear performance, all features recognized by the German Navy for a material key to the propulsion system.

For more information on TENMAT RAILKO NF as a bearing material for stern tube and rudder bearings please visit: www.tenmat-marine.com
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