Cavity fire barriers are specially designed systems which inhibit the spread of fire and smoke within the concealed spaces and cavities within a building. They are primarily used within walls, floors and roofs to compartmentalise the spaces to ensure that fire spread is limited.

Modern constructions often require external cladding, external facades and rainscreen systems to be held away from the building structure to allow ventilation and improve the building’s energy efficiency. This resulting cavity creates a serious fire protection threat to structures and people. The void can act like an open chimney and allow the fire to spread quickly both vertically and horizontally around the building. Within this void, it is essential to have a cavity fire barrier.

TENMAT’s range of Intumescent Ventilated Fire Barriers or ‘Open State’ Cavity Fire Barriers are designed to maintain the ventilated cavity in normal conditions but will rapidly expand to seal off the gap in the event of a fire. TENMAT offers both Open State or Ventilated Fire Barriers as well as unventilated Cavity Fire Barriers suitable for a wide range of cavity sizes and constructions.

The introduction of cavity fire barriers within these voids helps to slow the spread of a fire, allowing occupants more time to evacuate safely while also reducing the potential for structural damage. TENMAT offers a broad range of cavity fire barrier systems to ensure that buildings remain compliant with all relevant regulations and standards.

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