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Passive Fire Protection for Home Insulation Schemes

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Passive Fire Protection for Home Insulation Schemes

Home Insulation Schemes Passive fire protection

Fire-stopping products for Home Insulation Schemes

Tenmat is a leading UK manufacturer of passive fire protection solutions and fire-stopping products. We offer a wide range of products that help maintain the safety of public, private and commercial buildings.

In order to help the nation cut their energy usage and bring down their heating bills the Government has recently announced a new £1bn scheme to help people throughout the country insulate their homes. offer a range of solutions for installers carrying out measures under the ECO+ Scheme, for example, the FF130 Loft Covers, a Downlight Protection Cover that meets installation requirements to prevent the overheating of downlights when installed below loft insulations.

Products that are specifically designed and tested

Energy saving and fire protection are often seen as separate components when home insulation is being upgraded, however, both of these outcomes can be achieved with a range of specifically designed and tested products from Tenmat.

Passive Fire Protection for Home Insulation Schemes

Significantly reduces loss
of heat

Every one of Tenmat’s fire protection and energy-saving products is manufactured using non-combustible stone mineral wool as the base material and therefore each has excellent thermal insulation properties which significantly reduce losses of heat due to conduction. In addition to offering improved thermal performance, all of the Tenmat products dramatically reduce the amount of air leakage through ceilings and walls, (up to 94% reduction) when compared to not using Tenmat products.

Passive Fire Protection

Why use Tenmat solutions for upgrades under the insulation scheme?

Insulation Installers and contractors face the decision of which fire safety solutions to purchase for use for insulation measures they are carrying out under the ECO+ scheme. 

There are a number of benefits to contractors and fitters Installers by using Tenmat’s energy-saving products.

Fast fitting

The fitting procedure is simple, just a few basic steps with minimal skill required.

Industry tested

Tested to meet industry requirements and guidelines

Time saving

All of the Tenmat energy-saving products are pre-formed and ready to fit, no time-consuming moulding or shaping is required

Lightweight and compact

All products are lightweight and compact and easily carried, minimising trips to the point of installation.

Easy installation

No screws, brackets or product assembly is required.

Compared to similar products, Tenmat products fit in seconds
and not minutes!

Did you know….you can get Government support to help you with your housing insulation.

*Source BBC News


Domestic heating contributes 14% of UK greenhouse emissions


The UK has the oldest housing stock in Europe – 38% pre-1946 (Spain is just 11%).


Older properties are harder to insulate – Poor insulation can lead to £1000s in additional energy bills

The Tenmat products that are applicable for the energy saving and insulation scheme are:

FF120 & FF130

Firefly 120 and Firefly 130 are exonerated mineral fibre-based refractory materials which are used to reinstate fire and acoustic ratings and improve airtightness, in lighting and electrical socket penetrations.

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Pipe Fire Sleeves

The FF109 Pipe Fire Sleeves (PFS) is a range of passive fire protection penetration seals designed for fire-stopping around insulated metal and combustible plastic pipes.

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Socket Box Inserts

A simple fire and acoustic solution for protecting electrical switch and socket boxes.

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Energy Saving Solutions


FF130 Loft Covers
Socket Box Inserts
Pipe Fire Sleeves