Tenmat is a leading manufacturer of advanced materials and components with over 100 years of experience. The diversified product range includes composite & polymer materials, high temperature materials, and passive fire protection solutions. The company’s headquarters is in Manchester UK where the first composite engineering components were created at the turn of the twentieth century.

Tenmat (part of the Diamorph group) has offices and manufacturing sites across the globe; UK, USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy and Australia as well as a global network of vendors and distributors. Tenmat is fully committed to technical excellence through heavy investment in ongoing research and development. Tenmat has extensive in-house technical resources to develop innovative and high-quality products.

Our unrivalled innovation and technical expertise has consistently led to the development of various industry standard products. Tenmat’s main focus is on extending the performance characteristics of existing product ranges and taking the company forward into totally new and exciting growth areas such as advanced passive fire protection materials and hard metals.

In order for Tenmat to achieve this objective our relationship with our customers is of paramount importance. Outstanding service, unsurpassed quality and a commitment to excellence are hallmarks of our Customer Service Department. Tenmat’s goal is to provide a complete service, from material selection to component delivery while developing a long term working relationships with our clients.

In-House Manufacturing

Our in-house production facilities in Manchester, England are equipped with the most modern machinery to ensure the highest standards of quality for every one of our products. From standard items to bespoke products, from semi-finished goods to fully machined components, Tenmat offers the full solution to any customer requirement.

Tenmat has built its reputation as the leading global manufacturer and supplier of safety-critical engineering components through its proven manufacturing excellence. Alongside an ISO 9001:2015 accreditation covering everything from procurement to manufacturing and despatch, it is our continual improvement and investment in manufacturing processes and equipment which means that Tenmat is able to meet the challenges of worldwide industry.

Innovations made in Manchester

Tenmat’s position as a top-tier manufacturer is built upon our ability to problem solve through ingenuity and development of innovative materials. Our fully-equipped in-house Research & Development Centre continues to be a driving force in Tenmat’s success, and it is here where new materials are developed, designed, and tested. Our 20-person strong Technical (R&D) department is home to a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment, providing the crucial foundation for cutting-edge research.

The Diamorph Group

Tenmat is part of the Diamorph Group.

The Diamorph Group consists of brands that are well known for their material science innovation and proven performance in arduous real-life situations, as well as in-house manufacturing and R&D.

The Diamorph Group engages in development, manufacturing and sales of high-performance products:

  • Composite and Polymer Materials
  • High Temperature Solutions
  • Passive Fire Protection

Diamorph actively seeks deep niches in larger markets where we can use our advanced materials knowledge, technological innovations and science to create differentiated products with extreme performance. The company operates globally with more than 61% of its revenue outside the UK & Ireland. Diamorph serves customers worldwide, with sales offices across Europe, North America & Australasia

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