About us

Tenmat is a leading manufacturer of advanced materials and components and has been for over 100 years.


About Tenmat

As part of the Diamorph Group, we’re dedicated to pushing boundaries in our field. Tenmat consists of three business units which engages in development, manufacturing and sales of high performance products.

Composite & Polymer Materials

Serving a wide range of sectors including; rail, marine, agriculture, machinery and heavy industry – the composite & polymers division specialises in pressed composite products such as wear parts, bearings and rotor vanes. This division also encompasses hard metals used in high wear environments such as mining.

Head office and manufacturing:

Gloucester, UK

Sales offices: UK, US, Italy, Germany

High Temperature Materials

Insulating materials such as cement boards and millboards, working up to 1000 degrees in a variety of high temperature applications such as ceramics, glass production, hot gas filtration, and metal production.

Head office and manufacturing:

Pilsen, Czech Republic

Sales offices: UK

Passive Fire Protection

Intumescent materials are used in construction of low and high rise buildings to prevent the spread of fire. Solutions include both electrical and mechanical service penetrations such as protection for sockets and pipes, external cavities, lighting and ventilated systems such as ducting and air valves; typical applications include brickwork, facades, modular and housebuilding.

Head office and manufacturing:

Manchester, UK

Sales offices: UK, US

Innovation at our core

Tenmat’s position as a top-tier manufacturer is built upon our ability to problem solve through ingenuity and development of innovative materials. 

Our fully-equipped in-house Research & Development Centre continues to be a driving force in Tenmat’s success, and it is here where new materials are developed, designed, and tested.


Tenmat is part of the Diamorph Group.

The Diamorph Group consists of brands that are well known for their material science innovation and proven performance in arduous real-life situations, as well as in-house manufacturing and R&D.

Diamorph actively seeks deep niches in larger markets where we can use our advanced materials knowledge, technological innovations and science to create differentiated products with extreme performance. The company operates globally with more than 61% of its revenue outside the UK & Ireland. Diamorph serves customers worldwide, with sales offices across Europe, North America & Australasia.