Passive fire protection for marine

Passive fire protection for marine


Fire-stopping products for marine applications

As the leading UK manufacturer of passive fire protection and fire-stopping products, Tenmat has developed a range of Fire Protection solutions tailored specifically for marine applications tested under IMO 2010 FTP Code and with SOLAS approvals.

Passive Fire Protection

Effective products for a variety marine applications

Our Fire Protection solutions for marine applications, focusing on cruise liner cabins, have been developed to address common areas where fires are most likely to become problematic. These areas include electrical sockets, mechanical service penetrations, recessed lights, linear gaps, and wall and ceiling panel joints. Our innovative solutions have been designed to offer superior fire protection and can withstand the unique challenges of marine environments.

Versatile fire protection for varying ship types

Our commitment to innovation ensures that we stay at the forefront of the industry and can deliver cutting-edge solutions that provide our customers with the highest level of protection.

Carrier ships

Navy ships

Ferry ships

Cruise ships

Oil rigs

Passive Fire Protection

Our solutions for cruise ship cabins

Explore our range of suitable fire protection solutions for areas such as electrical sockets, electrical and mechanical service penetrations, recessed lights, linear gaps, and wall and ceiling panel joints.

Key benefits and performance features

Quick to install

High fire safety performance

Complies with B-0 and
B-15 ratings

Acoustic insulation

Solas approved



Why use Tenmat for passive fire protection in marine applications?

One of the key benefits of Tenmat’s Fire Protection solutions is that they are quick and easy to install and provide high-performing fire protection.

By offering bespoke products, there is no longer any need to manufacture ad-hoc solutions on-site which reduces the human factor risk as well as minimises manufacturing time and cost. Further, Tenmat’s range of fire protection products has acoustic insulation properties that limit the spread of unwanted sounds between cabins. Our materials are highly durable, providing long-lasting protection that can withstand harsh marine conditions.

Our commitment to sustainability is proven in our Net Zero carbon manufacturing plan, which ensures that all of our products are environmentally friendly. In addition to this, our Fire Protection solutions are halogen-free and develop very little smoke, making them an ideal choice for ensuring passenger safety in the event of a fire. Tenmat’s Fire Protection Solutions provides an innovative, effective, and sustainable solution to protect cruise liner cabins and vessels alike to ensure the safety of passengers and crew members.


Our products

Electrical Service Penetrations

Proven products to maintain the integrity of electrical service penetrations.

Mechanical Service Penetrations

Proven protection for Mechanical Service Penetrations.


Proven performance ventilation fire protection products.

Pipe Sleeves

Fire rated sleeves to protect mechanical pipe penetrations.

Linear gaps

Durable Linear Gap Seals suitable for vertical & horizontal joints.

Wall & ceiling panel joints

Products designed to provide reliable fire protection for wall and ceiling panel joints.