Materials manufactured to take the heat

When recessed downlights/luminaires are installed in fire-rated ceilings/floors, the penetration must be fire-stopped in order to reinstate the fire rating of the ceiling/floor and ensure that fire and smoke are unable to spread through the penetration.

There is also often a requirement to provide resistance to the passage of sound, e.g. floors within or between dwellings. Tenmat manufactures a range of products to suit a wide range of lighting for fire, acoustic, and thermal protection.

Tenmat does not use “desktop studies” to approve products, instead, we use an extensive range of “Primary test evidence” and formal assessments from approved test bodies.

Our products

Downlight Fire Hoods

Fire resistance for ceilings and floor joists where downlighters have been installed

FF130 Loft Covers

Designed to ensure a fire-safe installation for a wide range of downlighters


Luminaire Covers

Designed to fire rate recessed luminaire or fluorescent module fixtures


FF120RF Loft Covers

Prevents contact between downlights and insulation materials