FEROFORM and RAILKO are advanced engineering composite materials, exclusively manufactured by TENMAT, and are widely recognised as the industry standard for demanding applications such as stern tube, rudder and propeller bearings, steering gear, cranes, davits and many other applications. Fitted in over 8000 vessels worldwide, FEROFORM and RAILKO marine bearings offer ship owners, shipyards, designers and OEM’s considerable benefits in terms of performance, reliability, ease of use, availability and design.

TENMAT composite materials combine high strength with excellent wear resistance and durability, yielding high performance bearings for all types of service conditions, especially in arduous abrasive and sand laden waters, thus reducing maintenance and operating costs for end users. Furthermore, TENMAT composites are proven not to support biofouling which can help avoid premature wear due to organic growth.



TENMAT marine bearings are available in tubes, half shells, stave bearings, fully machined bearings and can include bronze or stainless steel housings if required. Bearing design including calculation sheet and technical assistance can also be provided to ensure the customer achieves the optimum solution.


Market-Leading Wear Performance
Resistant to abrasion and arduous conditions. Exhibits consistently lower wear rates against all competitive materials, hence longer life.

Does Not Require Clean Water Systems
Superior resistance to abrasion in arduous conditions and sand-laden waters.

Excellent Stability
Minimal water swell and low thermal expansion allowing tighter clearances, ensuring longer life.

Low Noise
Lower noise levels due to lower friction levels and tighter tolerances.

Shaft Friendly
Excellent with stainless steel, gunmetal, and nickel aluminum bronze counter faces, alongside other common shaft materials.

Accepts Misalignment
Capable of absorbing high shock loading, thus accommodating misalignment without damage or fracturing.

Approved by All Major Classification Societies
FEROFORM and RAILKO marine bearings boast full approvals from all leading marine classification bodies worldwide.

Significant Worldwide Stocks
Stocks of FEROFORM and RAILKO tubes are held at strategic locations worldwide, allowing for immediate despatch to any location.

Environmentally Friendly
When operated as water lubricated bearings with no contamination from oil or grease.

Works with All Lubrication Systems
Can operate with sea water, oil, or grease lubrication and even dry operation.

Easy to Machine, Fit, and Install
Available in sheets, tubes, and fully machined components as well as complete bearing packages with bronze housings.


TENMAT holds significant stocks of FEROFORM and RAILKO tubes at strategic   locations worldwide. This stock is designed to cover the widest range of shaft sizes currently in use and for immediate despatch to any location. Due to an upgrade in the marine manufacturing cell, non-stock sizes can be typically manufactured and despatched within 2-3 days.

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