Heavy equipment wear parts and bearings

Extreme applications demand high-performance products.

Heavy equipment wear parts and bearings

Extreme applications demand high-performance products.

Feroform Sliding Wear Pads

Heavy machinery wear parts

Feroform sliding wear pads give low friction, ease of movement and long life in equipment such as stacker trucks, container lifts and sliding booms. The high load-carrying capability of Ferofrom bearings and slide pads is beneficial in agricultural equipment, earthmoving and crushing machines, forestry machines and lifting equipment. 

The high abrasion resistance of Tenmat heavy equipment wear parts and bearings gives long life in arduous applications, such as stone crushers and graders.

Superior Toughness

Ferobide wear parts

Heavy equipment wear parts commonly encounter problems in many industries which use heavy machinery for the movement and processing of abrasive materials. Ferobide prolongs the life of critical components by providing protection against high abrasion, heavy impacts and erosion found in material handling, ground-engaging equipment and more. 

The superior toughness of Ferobide proves valuable in high-impact applications such as chutes, exhaust fans, ballast tamping, belt scrapers, impact plates, bucket wear pads, sliding wear pads and scarifying. Combining a high resistance to chipping with its superb wear properties, Ferobide continues to perform where other materials such as alumina and commercial tungsten carbide fail.

Heavy Equipment Wear Parts 


Ferobide comes in various thicknesses to suit “low profile” requirements, whilst leading edges remain sharp. The specialist Ferobide formulation means it outperforms standard materials under the demands of even the most aggressive of environments. Ferobide offers easy attachment through welding and is simply customised using regular workshop tools. This offers an unrivalled adaptability to large equipment manufacturers, local workshops and field repairers.

Earth moving equipment

Easy movement in suspension and support structures of earth moving equipment.


Railko NF22 bushes give easy movement in suspension and support structures.

Hydraulic cylinders

Feroform bearings offer key technical advantages for hydraulic cylinders and the corresponding machinery.

Lifting equipment

To allow low friction and easy movement in extendable boom arms.


To give operational improvements in forestry equipment such as gripping arms.

Decanter centrifuges

Weldable, high impact strength, wear protection material


Ferobide is a reliable solution for protecting mining wear parts during difficult open pit or underground mining operations. 


To help reduce the effects of wear, Tenmat manufactures Ferobide, an effective and durable wear part specifically for the agricultural industry.


Ferobide is a reliable solution for protecting wear parts during cement and quarry applications.