Stern tube bearings

Stern Tube Bearings


Tenmat's legacy in advanced Marine composite materials

For more than 50 years, Tenmat have been manufacturing advanced composite materials for the marine market and supplying over 8000 vessels with high-quality Ferofrom and RAILKO bearings on both commercial and military vessels operating in the harshest environments and giving excellent performance.

Approved for use

Tenmat composite bearings are approved by the major classification societies for use in:

Maximising Marine efficiency
with Tenmat's bearings

Feroform and Railko bearings work with any type of water, run with smaller clearances than elastomeric bearings, are dimensionally and thermally more stable, and have superior wear resistance.

Independent tests confirm that Tenmat materials have a significantly better wear resistance than elastomeric and polyester/polyester bearing materials from our major competitors. Thus providing ship owners with up to 4 times longer service life and lower operating costs.


Commercial applications

Bulkers, tankers, cruise ships, yachts and many other commercial ships, have chosen Tenmat bearings for stern tube and propeller shaft application because of their longer operational life, lower operational costs and their ability to work in sediment-rich waters and the harshest environments.


Naval applications

Tenmat is the trusted supplier to major navies worldwide.

Over 35 navies specify Feroform and Railko for safety-critical applications where their excellent performance, in abrasive conditions, offers the best combination of durability, low friction and low wear rates in the marketplace.


Feroform T12

Feroform T12 is a composite material made from woven fibre bonded with resin with molybdenum disulphide as a friction modifier.

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Feroform T14

Feroform T14 is a composite material made from woven fibre bonded with resin.

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Railko NF21 & NF22

Railko NF21 and NF22 grades have a resin-bonded composite structure with added friction modifiers to control friction.

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