Composite materials in the rail industry

Advanced engineering to keep you on track.

Composite materials in the rail industry

Advanced engineering to keep you on track.

Composite and Polymer Materials

Materials for the rail sector

Tenmat have been designing and manufacturing industry-leading products for over 100 years. Tenmat not only manufactures standard train bearings and wear parts, but also bespoke solutions to operate in specialised applications within the passenger, freight and locomotive industries.

Tenmat is the only company worldwide that can produce genuine Railko and Feroform, leading composite materials in the rail industry.

Composite and Polymer Materials

Freight rail

Tenmat’s Railko NF21 is the only material specified in all types of freight wagons including coal hopper wagons, oil tankers, salt/silt/aggregate wagons, heavy-duty wagons and dangerous chemical tankers.

Railko NF21 and NF22 grades have a resin-bonded composite structure with added friction modifiers to give controlled friction. This grade has been developed as a high-performing wearing and bearing material, with uses in many industrial applications as it offers low wear and friction rates.

Durability matters: Feroform and Railko vs. elastomeric

Leading European wagon owners specify Tenmat materials for safety-critical applications because Feroform and Railko materials are proven to significantly outlast elastomeric alternatives which ultimately means more time between repairs.

By specifying Railko or Ferofrom wagon owners can be sure that repair yards are only installing the longest-lasting and safest wear parts possible.


Friction damper

Centre pivot lines

Side bearer liner

Brake linkage bushes

Composite and Polymer Materials

Freight, passenger & light rail

Each Tenmat solution is bespoke and manufactured to the exact requirements of the customer, application and infrastructure network they keep on track. We offer a full design service, and every project has tailor-made Tenmat components fit for purpose.

Composite and Polymer Materials

Passenger rail

Railko and Feroform are considered to be the industry standard for railway bearings, wear parts and components worldwide and are specified by all major passenger railway OEMs for use in high-speed trains, intercity commuter trains, metros, trams and light rail.

Tenmat is a key supplier of low-noise, bespoke railway-bearing components for many major high-speed rail projects across Europe. These high-performance and durable products allow the industry to continue to build its high levels of safety.

Typical applications for Tenmat components in high-speed trains include gangway tread plates, tilting system support plates, door opening system bushes, anti-roll bar bushes, tilting system support plates and current collector bushes.

By installing Tenmat train bearings and components, leading OEMs and rail operators are able to constantly increase the capacity of modern networks. These reliable products offer better protection to keep rolling stock operating at high levels.

Tenmat’s Feroform and Railko materials are used within the Scharfenberg coupler.

Composite and Polymer Materials

Light rail

Tenmat high-performance train bearings are lightweight and widely used by all leading rail manufacturers in demanding applications such as suspension bushes, suspension washers, centre pivot plates, side sliding plates and engine coupling washers. Railko and Feroform railway bearings and materials excel in very difficult working environments, even in high salt and dust concentrations along coastal lines and in an arid desert.

Feroform T814: a leading solution
for rail

Feroform T814 is the leading solution for replacing metallic railway bearings with a lubricant-free and high-performance solution. Feroform T814 will not seize or pressure weld. Its dry running capability minimises maintenance requirements, as well as being lightweight for better fuel consumption.

Availability: To suit pipe sizes 15-169mm
(PVC, HDPE, Copper, Steel)

Why choose Tenmat?

Railko and Feroform are widely recognised as the industry standard for demanding applications within the railway industry and are the preferred choices for safety-critical wear parts on freight wagons. 

Tenmat have been leading the development of materials and products used for railway bearings and wear parts in the rail industry for over 100 years and all materials are approved by all major railway authorities and OEMS.



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