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 Oil and Gas

PTFE bearings for valves

Feroglide PTFE bearings are used extensively in valves in the oil and gas industry, manufacturers use Feroglide due to the material’s ability to maintain low friction under heavy loads. Feroglide bearings are known as the market leader in terms of bearing capacity and working life. This is made possible thanks to the specialist reinforcement of the PTFE bearing surface.

High-Pressure Valves 

Versatile PTFE bearings

Feroglide bearings are ideal for use in oil and gas valves, as they operate over a wide range of load, speed, and temperature conditions. They are composite in nature and thus do not have the cold flow tendencies of solid PTFE and filled PTFE materials. Thanks to the specialist self-lubrication, Feroglide bearings are a superior replacement for greased metallic parts, making them the ideal material for use in valves in the oil and gas industry

Superior Thermal Stability

Performance enhancing bearings

Feroglide PTFE bearings operate at extreme cold and extreme hot temperatures, beyond the range of most lubricants. Working conditions of -150°C to +300°C are common for Feroglide. Feroglide maintains a consistently tight fit about the shaft, made possible by its superior thermal stability. This ensures the best bearing support for rotating parts, thus improving the performance of a valve.

The extended work life means they operate with a “fit and forget” function. This is especially beneficial in sub-sea, oil and gas, platforms, and other remote operations.

High-Pressure Valves 

Feroglide PTFE bearings

Feroglide bearings are well suited for use in high-pressure valves where they effectively support a ball or shaft against side loads whilst allowing low operating torques and minimal wear. This is particularly important for control applications with higher operating cycles. Feroglide bearings have superior wear performance and this helps to ensure the ball or shaft continues to rotate concentrically, whilst also reducing damaging side loads on seals.

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Feroform T814

Composite material made from woven fibre bonded with resin with PTFE as a friction modifier.

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Feroglide bearings are typically used in valves, hydropower equipment, lifting equipment and many other applications.

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Fit and forget valves with longer service life
Reduced maintenance of valve: Feroglide reduces maintenance need of a valve
Better performance of valve rotation, control, and sealing
Cryogenic and high-temp installation
Environmental protection: Feroglide is self-lubricating and lead free