Automotive bearings

Railko PV80 is a self-lubricating grade that is commonly used as automotive bearings in cars and off-road vehicles for applications including pedal bushes, ball seats, suspension guides, steering column seals, and gear shift bushes.


Precision moulded components

Railko PV80 is injection moulded to make precision components. Railko PV80 has lower friction than conventional automotive bearings, does not give problems of stick-slip, and is quiet in use.

Automotive bearings at a glance


Railko PV80

Railko PV80 is a self-lubricating material with an acetal polymer base.

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Railko low-friction materials are most suitable for use in suspension ball seats where the locked-in lubricants work for the life of the component, eliminating the need for additional lubrication.

A variety of upper and lower steering column bushes are designed to give the axial and radial locations, cost-effective snap-in features. Lower steering column boot seals give a low-cost, low-friction seal between the steering column shaft and the rubber boot for noise-free operation.

A combination of design experience and plastics know-how combine to give many innovative gear shift solutions. This results in fewer components and cost-effective assembly. The flexible design concept of the ball seat gives a rattle-free and smooth gear shift operation.

Railko PV80 material is used extensively by major European vehicle manufacturers for pedal box pivot bushes on cars, trucks and vans. PV80 gives a low friction, non-squeak component for the expected life of the vehicle. This is most important in today’s NVH critical vehicles.