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Hydro turbine bearings

High performance products that deliver results, reliability and dependability

Hydro turbine bearings

High performance products that deliver results, reliability and dependability ​

The “fit and forget” operation of Tenmat hydro turbine bearings makes them the ideal choice in this sector. This is a direct result of their long lifetime, made possible thanks to their superior wear resistance and ultra-low, stable friction levels. 

This results in a bearing that outlasts plastic and other bearings. Independent testing from the US Army Corps of Engineers proves that Feroform bearings for hydropower plants maintain lower wear rates and lower friction coefficients, better than the alternative bearing materials tested.

Hydropower Sector

The superior choice

Tenmat materials are chemically resistant, offer excellent abrasion resistance, and can efficiently operate in dirty or sandy water, removing the need for costly water filtration packages.

Tenmat materials reduce the downtime and maintenance needed for hydropower machines. When the bearings last longer, machines work for longer before stopping.

Massive moving components are used to generate power, subjecting hydro turbine bearings and other wear parts to extreme loads and forces. Tenmat bearings are a superior choice because they combine superior load-bearing capacity and compressive strength with dimensional stability.

Highly stable

Composite and polymer hydropower materials

Tenmat materials are highly stable. These dimensionally stable hydro turbine bearings show minimal swell in water, as low as 0.05% and stabilise in under a day – leading the market in this aspect. Environmental protection is a core competency in the development of Tenmat solutions.

Tenmat materials offer the longest lifetime on the water-lubricated bearing market, proven through independent testing.

Eliminating all risk of pollution
from lubrication oils

National governments and international industry bodies understandably place strict environmental requirements on
non-polluting hydropower plants. This is achieved by using Tenmat bearing parts. These self-lubricating bearings run dry or simply use process water as lubrication. This eliminates all risk of pollution from lubrication oils since Tenmat parts need no damaging lubrication oils.


and reliable

The materials avoid stick-slip and bearing swell seizure, which ensures smooth and reliable rotation of dam and gate components. Moreover, the tighter running clearances and low friction of Tenmat parts mean rotating parts are better supported and guided. This yields better energy generation thanks to the more efficient rotation with less vibration when better supported by bearings.


Tenmat materials for hydro turbine bearings


Feroform T814

Composite material made from woven fibre bonded with resin with PTFE as a friction modifier.

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Feroglide bearings are typically used in valves, hydropower equipment, lifting equipment and many other applications.

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