Marine bearings: Feroform and Railko

The industry standard for demanding applications.

Feroform and railko

Marine bearings

Feroform and Railko are advanced engineering composite materials, exclusively manufactured by Tenmat, and are widely recognised as the industry standard for demanding applications such as stern tube, rudder and prop shaft bearings, steering gear, cranes, davits and many other applications. 

Fitted in over 8000 vessels worldwide, Feroform and Railko marine bearings offer ship owners, shipyards, designers and OEM’s considerable benefits in terms of performance, reliability, ease of use, availability and design.

Feroform and railko

High strength with excellent wear resistance and durability

Tenmat composite materials used for marine bearings combine high strength with excellent wear resistance and durability. These characteristics yield high-performance marine bearings for all types of service conditions, especially in arduous abrasive and sand-laden waters, thus reducing maintenance and operating costs for end users.

Furthermore, Tenmat composites are proven not to support biofouling which can help avoid premature wear due to organic growth.

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