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Composite and Polymer Materials

Materials for the automotive sector

Railko PV103 and Railko Xtra Glide (formerly TD1160) slip coats have been specifically developed as advanced automotive composite materials, for use in bearings and other automobile industry components. These materials provide smooth, low friction, wear-resistant surfaces for static and dynamic weather seals, such as glass run channels, hood seals &
roof seals.

Automotive slip coats

These innovative slip coats create a low friction surface that is durable and wear-resistant, ideal for use in automotive bearings and other wear parts.

Railko slip coats are used on static and dynamic seals, made from TPV/TPE, SEBS, and EPDM. Railko PV80 self-lubricating grade is used in cars and off-road vehicles for applications including pedal bushes, ball seats, suspension guides, steering column seals, and gear shift bushes.

Advanced Automotive Composites

brake discs

Ferobide is Tenmat’s solution for the high performance brake disc market. The disruptive technology is an engineered reaction bonded silicon carbide that is applied as a coating onto high performance carbon/carbon brake discs.

Advanced Automotive Composites

Our products for the automotive industry

Railko slip coats

Railko PV103 and Railko Xtra Glide slip coats are used and specified by major car manufacturers world wide.

Automotive bearings

Railko PV80 is a self-lubricating grade that is commonly used as automotive bearings in cars and off-road vehicles.



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