Earth moving equipment

Earth-Moving Equipment


Easy movement in suspension and support structures

Railko NF22 bushes give easy movement in suspension and support structures of earth-moving equipment. Railko NF21 load-bearing pads are used to provide support and movement between articulation arms. Railko RG1 pads are used to control sliding force and break-out forces in crushing equipment.


Success in challenging conditions

Ferobide continues to see great success even under the challenging combination of erosion and abrasion wear common to earth-moving equipment.

The high stresses involved would put high demands on the strength of the attachment, and it is here where durable Ferobide excels. Unlike standard wear protection materials, weld-on Ferobide proves its worth due to its reliability, unique to weld-attached products.

Typical applications for Ferobide

Excavator bucket side protection and teeth tips, grader blade edges, belt cleaners, scarifier and ripper teeth, grizzly bars and chutes. 

It is here where Ferobide offers great improvements on standard materials, regularly outperforming chromium carbide plates, chocky bars, buttons and other materials which only offer lower resistance to wear.



Weld-on Tungsten Carbide tiles and plates for sliding wear applications.

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Feroform T11

Feroform T11 is a composite material made from woven synthetic fibres bonded with resin, including a friction modifier.

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Feroglide bearings are typically used in valves, hydropower equipment, lifting equipment and many other applications.

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Railko NF21 & NF22

Railko NF21 and NF22 grades have a resin-bonded composite structure with added friction modifiers to control friction.

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