Mechanical engineering bearings


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The features of controlled friction, good abrasion resistance, and long life mean that Feroform and Railko grades are well suited for mechanical engineering bearings, as well as bushes, thrust washers, and sliding pads in a wide range of applications.

Railko NF22 engineering bearings are used in examples such as slaughtering machines, packaging equipment, escalators, and glass bottle cleaning equipment where they show long life with low wear rates which reduces operating costs.

Engineering Composites and Polymers

General engineering bearings

Feroform T11 with its good wear resistance and dimensional stability is used in waste water processing equipment and lock gate bushes. Feroform PR18 is an excellent general-purpose, self-lubricating material providing high mechanical strength and wear resistance. 

With a low coefficient of friction, the applications where it is used include engineering bearings for hydraulic cylinder heads and cranes. It is suitable for both dry running and for use with all common lubricants. Feroglide bearings with their metal backing are used in highly loaded applications, particularly in oscillating and sliding bearings in packaging equipment and forming machines.

Engineering Composites and Polymers

Escalator chains

Railko NF22 bearings provide an excellent solution to giving long life, low wear and fire rating approval in deep tunnel underground escalators, where grease-lubricated bushes pose a fire hazard.

Railko NF22 at a glance

Engineering Composites and Polymers

Packaging equipment

Feroglide and Feroform T814 bearings give low sliding force and ease of movement in oscillating and sliding components.

Feroglide and Feroform T814 at a glance

Engineering Composites and Polymers

Food processing machines

The wear resistance and chemical resistance of Feroform and Railko bearings give large benefits in food processing applications, including slaughtering machines.

Railko and Feroform at a glance



Low coefficient of friction
High wear resistance
High load capacity
Resistant to most chemicals, oils and greases