Ferosafe was developed from the Ferobide material platform that has proven itself in arduous wear applications, but with added increased resistance to cutting and drilling. It is the next generation material for defending security products from physical threats.

Ferosafe is a weldable composite material that effectively resists high power angle grinders and drills at lower thicknesses and weights than what is possible with conventional materials. The material is therefore well suited to increase security performance on safes, locks and any other security devices without increasing weight or altering overall dimensions.
Being weldable with standard welding equipment ensures a high degree of flexibility, cost efficient manufacturing and secure fastening with no specialist training required.


  • Safes
  • ATMs
  • Security Doors
  • Lock Boxes


4 8 40
4 15 40
4 25 60
4 40 40
4 8 200
4 15 200
4 25 200
4 60 200
4 200 200


  • Use conventional welding equipment
  • Reduce weight of product
  • Increase safety performance without adding weight
  • Effectively prevent any grinding or drilling attacks

Other sizes are available on request. We can also supply bespoke 2D shapes. Please contact us for more information.

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