All buildings have walls and floors with fire and acoustic ratings. When mechanical services are installed through compartment walls and floors, their integrity and ability to perform to the required fire and acoustic standards are significantly reduced.

Penetrations, such as openings for pipes, vents, and air valves must be fire stopped in order to reinstate the fire rating of the wall, ceiling or floor in which it is contained, and ensure that fire and smoke are unable to spread through the penetration. Also, in some cases there is a requirement to provide resistance to the passage of sound, e.g. floors or walls within or between dwellings (Approved Document E).

TENMAT provides a range of fully tested Passive Fire Protection / firestopping products for mechanical service penetrations, offering a quick and simple way to maintain the fire and acoustic rating where electrical penetrations are involved.

All of TENMAT’s Mechanical Service Penetrations range has been fire tested to the corresponding/applicable British (BS) or European (EN) standard. Further details about the testing and fire rating of each product can be found on the product pages.

Tenmat do not use “desk top studies” to approve products, instead we use an extensive range of “Primary test evidence” and formal assessments from approved test bodies.

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