TENMAT offers manufacturers of analytical equipment, high temperature insulation materials, which exhibit inertness and integrity over extreme temperature ranges. Elemental analysis equipment requires materials which can be machined into high accuracy and complicated components, which will withstand temperatures over 1000 °C and which are inert and stable over this immense temperature range.

NITRASIL R, a TENMAT silicon nitride ceramic, offers these properties and more as electromagnetic fields, as for example created by induction heating systems, do not affect the material.

Thermal Analytical - TENMAT

 Thermal Analytical – Additional Info

  • Extreme Temperature Resistance
  • Machinable into High Accuracy and Complicated Forms
  • High temperature capabilities withstanding temperatures over 1000 °C
  • No Thermal Shock
Specialist lab equipmentCS1150S
Specialist lab equipmentNITRASIL R

High Temperature Materials Brochure - TENMAT

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