CS1150F Hot Gas Filter Candles

CS1150F Hot Gas Filter Candles

Excellent strength at extreme temperatures

CS1150F high-temperature gas candle filter products are manufactured from 100% exonerated Alkaline Earth Silicates (AES) fibres, with proprietary high-temperature bonding agents. CS1150F has been formulated to produce Hot Gas Filter Candles exhibiting excellent strength: weight ratios and toughness, even at extreme temperatures.

CS1150F Hot Gas Filter Candles

Hot gas filtration

The CS1150F high-temperature gas candle filters can be found across various industries, where harmful pollutants are required to be filtered from hot gases given off during incineration processes in order for companies to meet emissions targets. 
This is an exonerated product in accordance with the European Directive 97/69 EC on Classification, Packaging, and Labelling of Dangerous Substances.

The main features of our hot gas filter candles are:



Low Thermal Conductivity
Thermal Shock Resistance
Free of harmful fibres
High Temperature Resistance
Superior Resistance up to 1,000°C