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High temperature cement boards

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High temperature cement boards


Outstanding service in arduous applications

Tenmat’s high-temperature engineering materials and structural insulation boards provide outstanding service in arduous applications where high temperatures or heat transferences are a problem or where long-term insulation at temperature is required.

Tenmat’s high-temperature cement board grades are designed to operate at elevated temperatures offering, primarily, thermal insulation performance, but also outstanding electrical properties. Highly resistant to thermal shock, these products exhibit low heat storage and thermal conductivity properties, making them the preferred choice for energy conservation applications. Tenmat’s high-temperature cement boards are available in boards and machined components.

Cement boards at a glance

H91 is used in heat and electrical insulation applications in induction furnaces, billet heater boxes, oven cladding, cathode support pads, furnaces and smelters. It is THE industry standard for high-temperature insulation boards and structural insulation boards


Non-ferrous metal production


The grades are variations of specially selected cement and fibres for outstanding performance. H91 is the most well-developed asbestos-free cement board available. The material exhibits excellent strength even at high temperatures up to 700°C. 

Tenmat high-temperature cement boards are available as sheets (1245mm x 940mm) with thicknesses ranging from 6 mm to 75 mm, as well as in complex 3D shapes according to customer specifications.


H91 cement board


High Strength
High Machinability
Excellent Thermal Resistance
Excellent Electrical Resistance
High Quality Products