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Improve your filtration with a Tenmat hot gas filter

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Improve your filtration with a Tenmat hot gas filter


Improve your hot gas filtration process

At Tenmat, we are a leading hot gas filter manufacturer, and our Hot Gas Filters are used to replace traditional bag filters, the filters are constructed of exonerated alkaline earth silicate fibres and, therefore are safe to handle and negate the risks associated with ceramic fibres.


Safe to handle and non-hazardous

Our Hot Gas Filters work at temperatures up to 1000°C and have a 99.99% filtration efficiency with the ability to remove particles <1μm.

Filtering particles at higher temperatures allows for more efficient heat recovery in downstream equipment. The filters are constructed of exonerated alkaline earth silicate fibres, which negates the risks that are associated with ceramic fibres, making them safe to handle and meaning our Hot Gas Filters can be disposed of as non-hazardous waste. 

Tenmat safety

Some Hot Gas Filter products offered by our competitors, available on the market today, include Refractory Ceramic Fibres, which can cause cancer by inhalation. Because of this, Refractory ceramic fibres are classified as a Category 2 Carcinogen under EU directive 67/548/EU.

Tenmat filter elements are ABSENT of any refractory ceramic fibres, this means that they are 100% safe to handle and dispose of.

Proven solutions



One of the biggest industries for hot gas filters.

The Incineration industry is one of the biggest industries for hot gas filters in the world and has been growing as a method of reducing waste since 2015.

Typical waste within an incinerator includes medical waste as well as municipal solid waste – often non-recyclable products but can be natural products or paper as well.

Incineration is popular in places where landfill available space is limited and is often found within inner city developments. The use of a Hot Gas Filter will trap most of the pollutants which are created by incineration and will help to keep the air around the system cleaner and safer for those who live or work nearby.

Atmospheric pollution control

Hot Gas Filters


Converting waste into syngas instead of burning it.

Gasification is fairly new to the market and has been introduced to meet the ever-increasing regulations around waste removal and disposal. The process of gasification ensures that no rogue particles will be released into the atmosphere and can also be used to create energy.

Typical products that are used within gasification include biomass such as sugar, wood and the waste products of palm oil production, as well as municipal solid waste.

In-line equipment production

Why choose Tenmat?

Tenmat manufactures a wide range of hot glass filter elements which are designed to remove particulates, heavy metals, furans, nitrogen oxides, acids and dioxins from glass at temperatures and efficiencies higher than those achievable with a conventional system.

This is achievable due to our non-ceramic refractory materials and inorganic bonds which can be used in temperatures up to 1000ºc.


Our hot gas filter solutions

CS1150F Hot Gas Filter Candles

Fire resistance for ceilings and floor joists where downlighters have been installed

CS1255F Hot Gas Big Tube Filters

Designed to ensure a fire-safe installation for a wide range of downlighters



Hot Gas Filtration elements capable of achieving atmospheric emissions of less than 3mg/m3

Hot gas big tube filters


Low Thermal Conductivity
Thermal Shock Resistance
Free of harmful fibres
High Temperature Resistance
Elements do not Tear