FEROFORM and RAILKO composites are used as bushes, neck rings, wear rings, and thrust plates in pumps conveying all manner of fluids. The materials have low coefficient of friction and high abrasion resistance giving long life performance, and chemical resistance. FEROFORM T127 bushes are used in vertical turbine pumps for the seawater lift and cooling pumps for power stations. Other applications include horizontal pumps and centrifugal pumps.

FEROFORM T127 is particularly suited for the bearings for vertical pumps where it can run dry at start up on the top bearings. Railko RG2 and Railko RG12 are used for the thrust plates and bearings of vertical pumps due to their strength and resistance to heat. FEROFORM PR18 is used for mainline shaft bearings in water lubricated pumps as a superior alternative to rubber bearings, offering superb wear resistance, improved pump performance and reliability as well as reducing stick slip.

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