Modular building solutions and offsite construction

Tenmat is a leading UK manufacturer of passive fire protection solutions and fire stopping products. We offer a wide range of products that help maintain the safety of public, private and commercial buildings.

In recent years there has been a sharp increase in demand for more effective and efficient building processes within the construction sector.

Predominantly this is due to the shortcomings of traditional building and construction practices, namely issues associated with safety, build quality and time.

The answer… Modular, or offsite construction.

At Tenmat, we’ve listened to our customers and answered with our range of innovative solutions. Working closely with modular manufacturing companies, we have gained a detailed insight into the requirements within the sector and have subsequently developed a range of solutions suitable for virtually all applications. By building in passive fire protection at the point of manufacture, modular buildings offer construction companies a broad range of benefits making final construction an easier task. You can view our passive fire protection solutions for modular buildings below.

What is modular construction (offsite construction)?

Offsite construction, also commonly referred to as modular construction, is a construction practice during which the primary components are assembled under controlled conditions within a factory, before being transported on-site for final assembly.

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A modern and contemporary solution, offsite and modular construction building methods offer:

Improved efficiency

Shorter construction times

Reduced construction costs

Design and manufacturing benefits

Greater control over safety on site

A host of environmental benefits

Our dedication to this sector is highlighted by the fact that we are part of the Offsite Alliance, with our very own Fire Protection Engineer, Paul Davies, sitting on their technical committee.

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