Passive Fire
Protection for
Safe in our hands: specified by design,
endorsed by test data
Passive Fire
Protection for
Safe in our hands: specified by design,
endorsed by test data


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Passive Fire Protection measures are equally important in low to medium rise dwelling houses, such as semi-detached homes, terraced houses, townhouses and apartments as they are in multi-storey developments.

The risk of fire spread exists when electrical and mechanical services are installed through walls, ceilings and floors or an open path within concealed cavities is left unprotected. This can result in a serious reduction in the fire resistance rating and the ability of the structure to limit and resist fire spread.

To assist Housebuilders to address these issues and to meet the requirements of Building Regulations Approved Document B where it is stated that:

“The performance of a fire-separating element should not be impaired. Every joint, imperfect fit and opening for services should be sealed.”

“Cavities in the construction of a building provide a ready route for the spread of smoke and flame, which can present a greater danger as any spread is concealed.”

“Cavity barriers should be provided at… the junction between an external cavity wall and every compartment floor and compartment wall”.


Compartment walls between buildings should:

“Meet the underside of the roof covering or deck, with fire-stopping to maintain the continuity of fire resistance”

TENMAT have developed and fire tested a range of Firestop Penetration Seals and Cavity Fire Barriers to address all of the above issues and allow housebuilders to adhere to the regulations and build fire safe houses.

CavGuard Roll 65
Roof Tile Firestop
Downlight Fire Hood
Loft Cover
Vent Duct Fire Sleeve LP
Socket Box Insert
Fire Rated Air Valve
Pipe Fire Sleeve
Ceiling Fan Firestop

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