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NITRASIL is an engineering ceramic with superb inert properties that allow applications in numerous high temperature and non-ferrous molten metal environments. High-performance NITRASIL exhibits minimal wetting by molten metal contact, meaning NITRASIL components are especially suited for aluminium contact applications. The inert formulation is lightweight and has an excellent resistance to thermal shock and thermal cycling.

TENMAT NITRASIL ceramic material consists of a high strength, durable silicon nitride which yields superior thermal insulation and electrical insulation properties. Moreover, the NITRASIL material grade is not affected by induction currents. NITRASIL is able to be machined into complex component shapes and major application fields include induction heating, brazing fixtures, high temperature analytical equipment and non-ferrous molten metal handling, including metal particle atomisation.

The material is lightweight, inert and strong. It has a low expansion coefficient and good thermal shock and thermal cycling resistance.


Nitrasil is available as sheets, rods, tubes and complex 3D shapes according to customer specifications.

  • Excellent resistance to oxidation is achieved up to 1150°C.
  • NITRASIL is resistant to almost all chemicals and non-ferrous molten metals.
  • NITRASIL is not affected by induction currents.
  • NITRASIL is both an electrical and thermal insulator.


Nitrasil - TENMAT
Nitrasil Datasheet

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