In the agriculture and mining industry, wear is a common problem that is largely caused by ground contact causing abrasion against wear parts. When choosing wear parts, users must understand environment type in order to make the right decision.

To help reduce the effects of wear, Tenmat manufactures Ferobide, an effective and durable wear part specifically for the agricultural and mining industry

Nigel Knowles,


“ I have been using Ferobide faced packer scrapers and subsoiler points for two months now. The packer scrapers have completed 1200 acres with no visible wear, standard ones need adjusting after 80 acres. We have also had subsoiled up to 950 acres without changing point metal.”

Richard Elvidge,


“ We welded Ferobide onto the openers and it looks they will last 5 times as long as standard. Easy to use and very versatile.”

David Charlton,


“ We trialled Ferobide last year and it is going to give us a considerable saving in wearing metal, and a big reduction in downtime so will be more efficient.”

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