Case Study: Railko NF21 for Generac’s Lighting Towers


Tenmat material is used to improve rotation performance of lighting towers whilst also reducing (manufacture) costs by reducing the number of components needed to carry loads. One single Railko washer does the same job as several larger nylon parts.

Railko NF21 washers are installed in-between the two mating plates of the axial rotation joint. Railko NF21 material replaces the previous inferior nylon-steel assembly. Railko NF21 carries the full load of the upper lighting section whilst being a thinner lighter part.

Thanks to self-lubrication properties, the Tenmat part requires no greasing. By replacing a larger, heavier part with the simple NF21 washer, the full lighting tower is lighter, safe to use, yet also cheaper with even improved operation.


High quality light towers and trailer – mounted mobile generators for construction

Tenmat Solution

2mm thick Railko NF21 washer

Successful Result

A 2mm Railko NF21 carries a 300kg mast in place of multiple thicker inferior nylon parts. It has ensured an extended service life and enabled a lighter system which rotates better.

Project Value

Railko NF21 is now fully specified. The part successfully passed the initial 12-month lab and field trials. Railko is now part of the serial production.



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