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How long has Tenmat UK been supporting the apprenticeship programme?
Tenmat have been supporting an apprenticeship program in various ways for at least 20 years at their HQ in Trafford Park, Manchester, UK.

Typically, how many apprentices does Tenmat UK support each year?
Each year is different dependant on need and applicants, but it averages out at around 3 per year.

What roles can apprentices get involved in?
Tenmat tend to recruit apprentices based on in house requirements, so this can change periodically. Over the years Tenmat have recruited apprentices in most areas of the business including Finance, HR, IT, Engineering, Maintenance (Electrical and Mechanical), and Machinists for a variety of machines in the onsite factory.

How is this programme beneficial to both Tenmat UK and those involved?
Tenmat choose to recruit apprentices to help develop skills in specific areas where a skills gap is evident, whilst offering employment alongside learning to people who don’t want to or are not able to learn full time. Apprentices can earn whilst they learn and gain valuable experience in a working environment, whist also gaining skills and knowledge in their chosen subject area.

What happens when their time as an apprentice is over?
Apprentices can continue to train for an advanced, higher, or degree level apprenticeship, or a related vocational qualification. Most apprentices continue to work for Tenmat and develop their career within the organisation. Tenmat have many employees who started as apprentices and are still with them after 18 years and are now in senior roles.

Typically, how many are offered employment with Tenmat as a result of the programme?
99% of apprentices are offered permanent employment following completion of their apprenticeship.

What skills/ previous experience would an applicant need to be successful on the Tenmat programme?
Tenmat look for apprentices who have the right attitude, willingness to learn, a desire to combine theory with practice and GSCE level A-C in English and Mathematics.

What additional support/ benefits would an apprentice expect to get studying this way instead of in a classroom setting?
The apprentices will learn in a busy workplace environment amongst other professionals and experts who they can gain valuable experience from. They will have the opportunity to learn from experienced people doing that same role every day. They are also able to put their theoretical learning to the test in a supported arena, getting hands on, practical experience to compliment their learning.

How can someone apply to be an apprentice at Tenmat?

When Tenmat are looking to fill apprentice roles they will be advertised on the careers section of the website, and on our social media channels, so always keep an eye out there. Alternatively, you can send a cover letter and CV to, when apprentices are needed any applications received will be consulted.



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