Arable farmers boost profits by saving money on wearing metal


Sustainable cost reductions are key to improving the profit levels of arable growing across the UK – particularly in a year when adverse weather has reduced yields and profitability. Saving money on wearing metal is an efficient way to do this, with lower running costs allowing higher profits, says manufacturer Tenmat.

This autumn, two leading UK arable farms are saving up-to two thirds on cultivator wearing parts every season by increasing the lifetime of the metal. This is done by welding low-profile Ferobide tiles onto standard metal parts – behind brazed carbide edges, on sides of legs, and other specific proven positions.

Gloag & Sons Ltd

Gloag and Sons Ltd is an awarding-winning outfit in Stokesley, North Yorkshire. Now at 3,800 acres, they have been precision cultivating abrasive soils for over 100 years, alongside contracting.

The ongoing savings at the farm began with a single supply of Ferobide tiles which has lasted more than two seasons and counting.

Charley Gloag, of Gloag & Sons, describes the savings: “We got on so well with it, we [next] put the standard tungsten tipped wings on, and welded our own Ferobide to stop the wear.” Ferobide is welded behind the brazed carbide edge on cultivator wings.

He says the benefit of Ferobide is clear: “We replace the standard wing five times a season. The Ferobide has already outlasted at a full season.”

The lifetime of cultivator wings depends on many variables, including soil conditions, moisture, working speed, and the quality of the wing itself. The monetary saving depends on the price and lifetime of five standard wings versus price and lifetime of a single, longer-lasting Ferobide wing.

It is possible to save two-thirds on cultivator wings when welding Ferobide behind the brazed edge. Gloag & Sons achieve a five times lifetime increase with Ferobide. Previously, Gloag & Sons replaced a standard tungsten wing five times every season. Thanks to Ferobide behind the brazed carbide edge, now a (standard + Ferobide) wing lasts more than a full season.

Another saving is on downtime. A Ferobide cultivator wing that lasts a full season doesn’t cause the stoppages mid-season to replace failed parts.

Thanks to Ferobide, Gloag & Sons have also increased the lifetime of cultivator legs. On a Great Plains SLD in abrasive soil, a single pack of Ferobide lasts more than two full seasons. Welding Ferobide to the sides means typical legs work for much longer, since Ferobide stops ‘wash-out’. This eliminates downtime mid-season, usually spent replacing failed legs, and also reduces metal spend.

Charley describes the benefits. “We started on the leg,” he points out, “and the same pack of Ferobide has given us massive wearing metal saving with barely any wash out.”

Poskitts Carrots

Poskitts Carrots is one of the leading producers of carrots in the UK, producing 50,000 tonnes of carrots each year, as well as producing parsnips, potatoes, and arable crops.


The company faces extensive wear on the legs of their subsoilers. In a normal season, the legs need to be repaired three times which means high cost and downtime during the season. Poskitts wanted to reduce wearing metal costs and to increase part lifetime. It was vital that repairs can be done on-farm, and quickly. Ferobide fulfils both requirements.

Peter Cookson at Poskitts Carrots describes their cost savings as follows: “Ferobide was applied to the legs three years ago and is still as good as the day it was fitted.”

After Poskitts Carrots originally welded Ferobide to the side of the legs, the legs have not needed any refurbishment work. Currently, the Ferobide is on its third year running. This has meant significant savings on wearing metal cost and maintenance time.

Ferobide tiles

Ferobide must be welded to the correct applications to ensure success  – it should not be welded to leading edges. Best results come from welding Ferobide plates behind brazed tungsten, and onto wings, legs, shins, and even packer scrapers. The benefits include:

  • Save on wearing metal costs
  • Increased lifetime
  • No downtime spent replacing wings during the season
  • Quick to weld
  • Weld where you need on wings, shins, sides of legs, and scrapers

Please click here for welding guidelines.

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*Ferobide savings up-to 66% depend on wing price and lifetime

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