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TENMAT is a key supplier of low noise, bespoke bearing components into many major high speed rail projects across Europe. These high-performance, durable products allow the industry to build upon its high levels of safety for the long term.

Typical applications for TENMAT components in high speed trains include gangway tread plates, tilting system support plates, door opening system bushes, anti roll bar bushes, tilting system support plates and current collector bushes.

Our impressive portfolio of previous projects includes flagship systems such as SNCF’s TGV trains, Deutsche Bahn ICE trains, and Alstom Pendolino trains.

  • High Dimensional Stability for Improved Efficiency
  • Components Designed, Tailored to Your Exact Needs
  • Easy to Machine, Fit, and Install
  • Lightweight
  • High Temperature Resistant
  • High Corrosion Resistance
  • Full Protection for Diverse Train and Bogie Parts
  • Market-Leading Wear Performance
  • Fully Certified to EU Fire Safety Regulation EN 45545
  • Low, Controlled Friction Levels
  • Lower Operational Train Noise
  • Excellent Reliability
  • Increased Safety via Superior Load Bearing Capacity
  • Approved by All Major Rail OEMs and AuthoritiesList Item

TENMAT’s line of proven solutions for high speed passenger rail. The range of advanced composites includes Railko and Feroform materials for Centre Pivot Liners, Side Bearer Liners, Brake Linkage Bushes, Friction Damper Bushes, Hook Guiding Plates, Suspension Bushes, Secondary Suspensions, Corridor & Face Plates, Wear Plates, Gangway Tread Plates & Stripes, and Axial Bushes.

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