RAILKO NF21 and NF22 grades have a resin bonded composite structure with added friction modifiers to give a controlled friction. RAILKO NF has been developed as a high performing wearing and bearing material for many industrial applications and offers low wear and friction rates.

RAILKO NF21 and NF22 are widely used in railway, pump marine, and, industrial engineering applications. RAILKO NF21 and NF22 are the same formulation. NF21 is for flat products, and NF22 is for cylindrical products.


 RAILKO NF21 / 22 – Additional Info

  • Excellent wear characteristics
  • Low friction rates
  • Self lubricating
  • Excellent stability
  • Low Noise
  • Easy to Machine, Fit and Install

RAILKO NF is available as sheets, tubes, rods, finished machine parts, and fully finished bearings (full bearings, half shells, staves)
NF21 is for flat products, and NF22 is for cylindrical products.

Tube: Length: 640 mm
Minimum Inside diameter: Ø19 mm
Maximum Outside diameter: On request

Sheet: Thickness: 4 – 85 mm
Sizes: 660 – 1150 mm
Downloads: Just one datasheet (Tenmat RAILKO NF21 NF22 Data Sheet)

Download Datasheet - NF21 / NF22

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