Tenmat Propeller Shaft Bearings provide superior wear resistance and therefore extended operational life and reduced operational costs for the marine market. Tenmat marine bearings offer market leading durability and low noise, even in the harshest conditions without contaminating the aquatic environment.

Tenmat Marine Bearings are manufactured from fibre reinforced thermoset material making them ideally suited to propulsion line applications such as sterntube and bracket bearings. They offer the best combination of durability, stability, low friction and superior wear resistance to be found on the market today. Tenmat Marine Bearings are fully approved by all major class societies for water and oil lubrication. They are the ideal choice for water (open flow and
closed loop) and oil (mineral, synthetic and especially EAL) lubrication. Tenmat bearings do not require water treatment systems and are time proven in open water bracket bearings used in a wide range of Naval vessels, including patrol
boats, corvettes, frigates, destroyers, aircraft carriers and even submarines where the low noise signature of Tenmat bearings is unrivalled.

Tenmat Marine Bearings are easy to install and are often supplied as a complete package fitted in metallic housing. Offering longer operational life and lower operational costs. Tenmat’s hard-wearing marine bearings are an ideal choice for Naval vessels, and commercial ships, from fishing vessels to bulkers, tankers, Aframax and Cruise Ships with over 8000 vessels being successfully fitted to date.

  • Market-Leading Wear Performance Resistant to abrasive waters, resulting in lower wear rates and increasing the time required between repairs.
  • Minimal water swell and thermal expansion – Tenmat are able to supply bearings with a very small clearance between shaft and bearing, ensuring less shaft movement and initial bearing wear during start up.
  • Shaft Friendly Bearing design that optimises performance and reduces shaft scarring – and in turn protecting the bearings from further damage.
  • Accepts Misalignment Capable of absorbing high shock loading, thus accommodating misalignment without damage or fracturing – meaning long lasting bearings irrespective of the quality of shipbuilding
  • Significant Worldwide Stocks Stocks of FEROFORM and RAILKO base tubes are held at strategic locations worldwide, allowing for immediate despatch to supply within tight repair schedules.
  • Works with All Lubrication Systems Can operate with sea water, oil, or grease lubrication. Tenmat composites can be used to replace failing metal bearings at short notice.
  • Lower noise levels – Lower friction levels and tighter tolerances limits shaft vibrations to give low noise levels – providing comfort for crew, and stealth benefits for naval vessels.

Test Approvals


Fire Test Approvals

BS EN 1366-3: 2009 / EN 13501-1
Constructions Covered = Plasterboard Partitions, Solid Walls and Floors
Fire Ratings: Typically EI120 up to EI240 minutes

BS476: Part 20: 1987
Constructions covered – Plasterboard Partition, Mineral Fibre Batts, Solid Walls and Floors
Fire Ratings: Up to 120 minutes – Integrity & Insulation

All reports available upon request
Assessment Reports:
ETA-12/0332 – BM Trada
A03187 Rev F – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada

Classification Reports:
CR12001A – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
CR12001B – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
CR12001C – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada


Test Reports:
IF02045 AR1 – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
IF02080 – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
IF02087B – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
IF03030 – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
IF04040a – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
IF09045 Rev A – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
IF11049 – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
IF11059A Rev B – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
RF11067 Rev A – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
IF11082 Rev A – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada

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