Welding Tungsten Carbide

 In Ferobide

Ferobide distinguishes itself through its superior resistance to high abrasion and heavy impact. The foundation for Ferobide’s success was laid with 8+ years spent in testing and development. During this time the highly skilled members of our in-house Research Department have fined-tuned the tungsten carbide composite into the market-leading wear protection it is now. Across many diverse sectors end-users are now fully protecting their working tools by welding tungsten carbide.

TENMAT have now released an easy-use welding guideline to ensure that the Ferobide tiles are given the best support possible by the weld. The weld is the key partner to Ferobide. TENMAT have worked to make the Ferobide formulation superior to traditional materials. So that customers can use the material to its full potential, there are a few easy tips to bear in mind when welding tungsten carbide.

Manufacturer’s Guide to Welding Tungsten Carbide for Optimum Results
As with all high performance wear protection materials, Ferobide’s wear resistant properties can be dramatically degraded through overheating. In application, overheating Ferobide is only ever encountered during welding process. To ensure end-users avoid this, and by doing so reap the full benefit of the innovative Ferobide formulation, the enclosed manufacturer’s guideline should be followed when welding the tungsten carbide composite material.

It Is vital to avoid overheating of the Ferobide tiles.

NB Whilst this manufacturer’s guide covers rod welding, the same good practice should be applied when welding tungsten carbide with MIG welding methods.

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