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Great Interest for FEROBIDE: the Wear Protection Material which Increases the Working Life of Subsoilers, Cultivators, and all other Agricultural Machines by as much as 5 Times

TENMAT brings the most innovative tungsten carbide wear protection material in the agricultural sector to Kentucky, showing the 295,000 visitors to NFMS 2016 just how FEROBIDE improves the working life of agricultural machinery by as much as 10 times.

Because it is a long-lasting weld-on wear protection material, FEROBIDE gives the farmer total control over how soil-engaging-points on heavy duty agricultural machines such as subsoilers, cultivators, and destoners are protected from wear.

After the combined 8 years of technical development at TENMAT research laboratories and the diverse programme of rigorous real-world field testing came the commercial launch of FEROBIDE in November 2015. Ever since, FEROBIDE has gone from strength to strength in the agricultural market.

FEROBIDE Proves Itself as The All-Purpose Wear Tile. It Protects Everything From Cultivators, To Seed Drills, Power Harrows, Bed Tillers, And even Destoning Machines

Not only is FEROBIDE held to the highest quality procedures for development and manufacture, thousands of FEROBIDE tiles have also been put on test by the leading manufacturers of machinery worldwide. After positive results across the board on OEM testing, FEROBIDE now boasts full specification approvals with a hand-picked collection of companies who mirror TENMAT in their dedication to quality, long-lasting products.

FEROBIDE has now become the wear protection material of choice with OEMs worldwide, specified on points covering cultivators, subsoilers, ploughs, power harrows, seed drills, bed formers, bed tillers, forestry machinery, destoners, and more!

FEROBIDE further strengthens its Presence in US Agriculture

TENMAT exhibited at the largest agricultural machinery shows in Europe over the winter season. Across just 4 shows, TENMAT welcomed over 800 farmers, OEMs, and dealers to the FEROBIDE stand to learn about the weld-on wear protection tiles which reduce on-farm costs and greatly improve farm efficiency.

To further strengthen the FEROBIDE presence within the US, TENMAT exhibited at the leading US agricultural machinery show in Kentucky this February. Alongside 850 fellow exhibitors, TENMAT welcomed the 295,000 farmers and trade visitors which the National Farm Machinery Show attracts each year. The show proved to be a great success, with 1,200 tiles being sold on the stand over 3 days, and more than 200 visitors stopping by the FEROBIDE stand.

Farmers who use FEROBIDE are now themselves able to significantly increase working life of all the soil-engaging-tools which are often used on heavy-duty machinery in the US from cultivators to subsoilers, destoners, and even seed drills.

The Take Home Message: FEROBIDE Increases Working Life of Soil-Engaging-Points on Machines from Cultivators to Destoners

Durable and hard-wearing, FEROBIDE exhibits superior resistance to impact and abrasion. It is welded onto any position of a point as determined by the end-user, using a wide range of everyday welding equipment.

FEROBIDE is easily cut to shape with standard workshop tools, meaning that there is only ever the need to hold a small stock of all-purpose tiles and yet still be able to protect many types of machine from wear.

Thus agricultural machinery works longer, and keeps the profile of working points meaning that soils are better cared for. This leads to increases yields and monetary output on farms.

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