TENMAT Introduces Rotor Vane Traceability


In our continuous efforts to further improve the outstanding quality of FEROFORM rotor vanes, TENMAT is adding a traceable production number on each individual blade as seen below. In addition to help you trace each vane, this new feature will allow you to easily identify each individual item and model.

TENMAT personalised traceability

The TENMAT traceability code will be printed at no additional cost to you.
We also offer the option to have your own personalized branding, item number or product name on each item. The customization options are:

  1. Company Name: 10 characters max.
  2. Part Number: 10 characters max.
  3. In addition to your personalized branding, every rotor vane will have the factory job number, as shown above, for traceability purposes.
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