Long-life Rolls for Cold Rolling Mills


Tenmat manufactures long-life Feroform rolls specially designed for cold rolling mills

Tenmat has specially developed Feroform rolls for cold rolling mills. We have already supplied our innovative rolls to leading cold rolling mills worldwide. Alongside cold rolling, the long-life Feroform rolls are also successfully installed for diverse strip processing applications. This includes galvanizing, tin-plating, coloring, and transport/handling.

Feroform rolls for cold rolling mills have a non-marking surface. They are ideal for both stainless steel rolling mills and for carbon/mild steel.

Feroform rolls add value when replacing steel rolls

The fibre-reinforced Feroform rolls are a superior replacement for both steel and polyurethane (PU) rolls. Feroform rolls do not pick up contaminants.

The benefits of cost-saving Feroform rolls over steel rolls include:

  • Feroform rolls increase revenues for users. They are non-marking and thus protect final metal quality.
  • Feroform rolls keep metal strip under good tension. The specially designed friction level of Feroform rolls maintains preferred strip tension.
  • Feroform rolls eliminate lengthy downtimes on-site. They are durable and impact-resistant.
  • Feroform rolls do not need the time-consuming grinding and cleaning which is associated with metal rolls.

Feroform rolls add value when replacing rubber/polyurethane clad rolls

The fibre-reinforced Feroform rolls are a superior replacement for both steel and polyurethane (PU) rolls. Feroform rolls for cold rolling mills operate up to 450 °C.

The benefits of the long-life Feroform rolls over rubber / PU rolls include:

  • Feroform rolls reduce materials costs on-site. They last longer than rubber/PU by as much as 8 – 10 times.
  • Feroform rolls thus avoid the need for frequent replacement thanks to their longer life.
  • Feroform rolls help to improve strip surface quality. Their strong formulation avoids wear. Thus avoids damage by keeping the strip away from internal roll material.
  • Feroform rolls also avoid costly plant downtime by being maintenance-free.
Special Feroform rolls: made fit for purpose

There are two material grades on offer depending on application. Feroform F57 operates over 100 °C, and Feroform T14 under 100 °C. The unique blend of finely-woven high-performance fibres builds an extremely tough, smooth, and resilient roll.
Our rolls have already been successfully used by many leading manufacturers around the world.
Tenmat offers a full roll refurbishment service. We can remove any cladding and re-clad your rolls with Feroform material. Please do get in touch to find out more.

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