European Continuous Casting 2017


See Tenmat at stand 3 during the European Continuous Casting Conference 2017 in Vienna

Tenmat (stand # 3) warmly invites you to see us during European Continuous Casting 2017 in Vienna. From 26th June to 30th June, we will be showcasing our long-life heatshields for Tundish Casters. Our durable, fibre-reinforced FEROFORM rollers will also be on show at stand #3.

Discover our strong FEROFORM rollers at European Continuous Casting 2017

Tenmat specially developed FEROFORM rollers for hot and cold applications as a superior replacement for both steel and polyurethane rollers.

FEROFORM rollers increase revenues for users as they are non-marking to protect metal quality. Materials costs are reduced as they last longer than rubber and PU. FEROFORM rollers also avoid costly plant downtime by being maintenance-free.

The important benefits of FEROFORM rollers are:

  • High temperature Operation
  • Reduce production costs
  • Longer life compared to rubber and PU
  • Reduced downtime as maintenance free
  • No pick up of contaminants
  • High impact strength

FIREFLY Heatshields to protect Tundish Casters displayed at ECCC 2017

FIREFLY Heatshields for Tundish stopper arm holders are proven to last full casting cycles, thus reducing materials costs on-site. At the state-of-the-art Manchester facility, Tenmat manufactures lightweight FIREFLY millboard materials for the highest insulation ratings.

FIREFLY millboard materials are already specified at leading European steel casters, manufacturers, and mills. The heatshields reduce operating costs by properly protecting the stopper arm holder.

FIREFLY millboards are the leading insulation solution for Casters. They provide excellent thermal insulation around the stopper arm for several hours at a time. FIREFLY millboards maintain good bending strength at high temperature and do not soften or break. They have minimal fume and low smoke generation.

Our materials are non-ceramic refractory millboards, thus classed as non-hazardous under EU regulations.

We look forward to seeing you at stand # 3 during ECCC 2017

If you currently involved in any filtration plant projects, we look forward advising you on best technical practice during the show.

We look forward to meeting you at our stand # 3 during European Continuous Casting 2017. We wish you all a prosperous week in Vienna.

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