TENMAT Ventilated Fire Barriers for combustible cavities and cladding


TENMAT has developed a range of high performance expanding fire barriers (intumescent) over the past 15 years, these products allow the cavity to maintain ventilation but in the event of a fire will expand and seal the cavity to prevent the spread of fire for up to 2 hours.

The ventilated fire barriers have been tested with a wide range of combustible cladding, insulation and panels structures including PIR and timber.The secret of the supreme performance of the TENMAT cavity fire barriers is the mono-directional expansion of the intumescent material, which allows the cavity to be sealed off much more quickly than with other intumescent materials which expand in a random manner.

TENMAT fire barriers are tested in both large and laboratory scale fire tests to ensure maximum safety with over 100 samples already tested in various structures.TENMAT is happy to work with the producers of cladding panels and insulation, and in many cases contribute to testing costs, to ensure that the combination of each panel along with the TENMAT fire barrier gives maximum fire resistance performance.

TENMAT’s range of fire tested and approved fire barriers for external cavities can be found here www.www.tenmat.com/passive-fire-protection/cavity-barriers

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