Breaking New Ground

 In Ferobide

A review of a busy, and successful Midlands Machinery Show 2015

Whilst Ferobide, the tungsten carbide wear protection material which can be welded, has been consistently proving its high resistance to abrasion and impact through challenging field tests across the world, it was in 2015 when the innovative UK manufacturer behind Ferobide put it centre-stage for British agriculture.

TENMAT chose to be one of 200 exhibitors at Newark Agricultural Showground in order to display the versatility and user-friendliness of Ferobide to the 7,000 in attendance. Ferobide has fast become the wear protection of choice because farmers weld this tough material directly to a soil-engaging-point. With Ferobide steadily growing over the last years within the UK agricultural wear protection market, Midlands Machinery Show was the perfect platform for even more farmers to see the benefits for themselves first-hand.

“The stand has been busy from start to finish, as part of believing is seeing something for yourself,” states Rupert Coggon, Business Development Director for Tenmat. “We are more than happy to supply sample pieces to farmers for welding and field testing. We found that people at the show were taking their sample Ferobide tiles to other exhibitors’ stands, discussing with OEMs, dealers and other companies how the weld-on, durable material would offer them direct benefit. TENMAT already has strong working relationships with such companies as UK agricultural OEMs, but we always appreciate the immediate recognition from end-users.”

The show proved to be successful, with over 40 farmers requesting to trial Ferobide to protect points across a wide range of applications, and there further end-users wanting to buy tiles to take home that day.
“The success of Ferobide has been that its benefits are easy to see,” points out Erik Karlsson, Sales Manager for Ferobide. “This has been proven by the fact that several farmers bought Ferobide tiles from us directly off our stand during the show. That is the best proof that Ferobide is the farmer-friendly wear protection which leads the way in giving the end-user a mechanically superior, yet easy-to-use way to increase the lifetime of points.”

TENMAT would like to thank all those who made Midlands Machinery Show 2015 a huge success, and we will be exhibiting again at next year’s show.

Until then, look out for Ferobide at LAMMA 2016.

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