Side Bearer Liners - TENMAT

RAILKO Side Bearer Liners (SBL’s) are used within the freight bogie to act as supports to car body around curves in the track. It is important to safety to ensure the material used in this application is dimensional stability, avoiding the potential for added wheel wear which increases the chance of a derailment.

RAILKO NF21 SBL’s significantly improve train safety, as they are dimensionally stable and do not creep, being resistant to both water swell and thermal expansion. RAILKO NF21 SBLs are the product of choice at SNCF, Deutsche Bahn, Renfe, Trenitalia and other major railway authorities.

  • Significantly lower wear rates compared to thermoplastics
  • Full UIC approval
  • Dimensional stable (Zero Creep under load)
  • Low water swell and thermal expansion
Side Bearer Liners - TENMAT
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