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RAILKO Centre Pivot Liners (CPL’s) are used to maintain friction within the centre bolster of the freight bogie. They help negotiate the car body and bogie around curves in the track. The load and movement of car body is supported fully by Railko CPL’s and ensures the safety and reliability of the freight wagon in service.

RAILKO NF21 is a reinforced composite and is the only material to be fully specified by the UIC and all major railway authorities. RAILKO NF21 CPLs provide its end user peace of mind in this safety critical application, reducing the risk of train derailments. RAILKO NF21 CPLs are recognised as a high-performing, long-lasting replacement for steel and thermoplastic alternatives in the industry.

Centre Pivot Liners
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  • Longer Service life
  • Full UIC Approval
  • Dimensional stability (Zero creep)
  • Corrosion free
  • Maintenance-free.
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