Pump Bearings - TENMAT

Proven to improve pump performance and increase working service lifetime, Feroform and Railko non-metallic water pump bearing components continue to be the superior choice for both pump manufacturers and end-users worldwide. This is achieved using high-temperature resins and abrasion-resistant fibre reinforcement and friction modifiers to enable dry start-up running.

Feroform and Railko materials boast a longer lifetime, a low coefficient of friction, and an excellent resistance to high abrasion. They can convey all manner of fluids since they are resistant to all typical process chemicals. Their wide range of applications includes water pump bearings, bushes, neck rings, wear rings, motor bushes and thrust discs. Feroform and Railko pump bearings are a superior alternative to PEEK and rubber cutlass materials.

Tenmat materials allow higher rotational speeds and bigger shafts. This is possible because Tenmat materials offer superior load-bearing capacity and tighter running clearances. Self-lubricating Tenmat materials avoid stick-slip of rotating parts thanks to a stable, low friction coefficient. This also reduces noise during operation. Tenmat material ensures that a pump does not lose performance which is often seen when traditional bearing parts fail.

The high dimensional stability of Tenmat materials means they have minimal swell or expansion when installed. Thus, tighter clearances are possible and there is no risk of seizure. The lifetime of a pump is extended because anti-corrosion Feroform and Railko Tenmat pump bearings will outlast traditional materials. This allows longer service cycles between overhauls. The longer life of Tenmat materials comes from their superior resistance to abrasive environments. Tenmat offers a full machining capability with stock and the quickest machining turnaround. In the event of breakdown repairs, replacement parts can be shipped quickly.

•Improved Pump Performance and higher pump capacities
•Improved pump reliability by avoiding risk of seizure or stick-slip
•Tighter running clearances and better support for rotating parts
•Longer pump work life
•Quick supply for emergency repairs thanks to strategic material stock and quick machining turnaround
•Lower Noise
•Protect against damage to internal pump components thanks to anti-corrosion material and better bearing capacity
•Dry Start up allowed
•High resistance to corrosion and heat

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