The Ferosafe lock box is the first light weight container lock box to provide a high level of resistance against angle grinders and carbide drills during theft.

This is achieved by using Ferosafe Anti-Cutting Technology, based on Ferosafe – the next generation physical security material – which has been specifically designed to defend security products from physical threats.

The Ferosafe lock box effectively resists more than 10 grinding discs and surviving more than a battery worth of angle grinder attack without exposing the padlock. This makes it one of the most secure container lock box on the market. The padlock is fully enclosed and only accessible from underneath.

The lock box is designed to withstand long life exposed to the elements and is constructed from galvanised steel which has been powder coated to provide weather protection.

The Ferosafe lock box is offered with two fitting options – left hand and right hand fitting.

Size: 120mm (H) x 170 mm (W) x 50mm (D)
Available in left hand and right hand door fitting

  • Ferosafe Anti-Cutting Technology
  • Resists an angle grinder attack of more than 10 grinding discs and one battery
  • Can be retrofitted
  • Galvanised steel and powder coating provides weather protection
  • Drill template and bolts included for quick and easy fitting
  • Can be welded to container if preferred
4 8 40
4 15 40
4 25 60
4 40 40
4 8 200
4 15 200
4 25 200
4 60 200
4 200 200

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