Rudder & Steering Gear Bearings - TENMAT.

TENMAT FEROFORM and RAILKO grades of reinforced composite materials have been developed containing ‘built-in’ lubricants. The product not only meets the stringent requirements of pressure capability, low friction (very low stick-slip) and low water swell, and also have approvals for dry operation for upper Pintle bearings.

TENMAT composite bearings are approved by the major classification societies for use in

>Steering gear thrust rings
>Ram cross head
>Rudder cross head
>Carrier bushes and washers
>Rudder stock bushes
>Pintle bushes

Tests confirm that FEROFORM and RAILKO marine bearings have better wear resistance than elastomeric and polyester / polyester bearing materials, thus providing ship owners with up to 4 times longer service life and lower operating costs. TENMAT FEROFORM and RAILKO bearings are self-lubricating and can be used in dry applications as well as traditional applications where grease or oil is present, and can also be used with water lubrication.

Rudder/Steering Gear Bearings
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  • Market-Leading wear performance vs competitor materials
  • Excellent stability
  • Low, friction, low stick slip
  • Low Swell
  • Shaft friendly
  • Accepts misalignment
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