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Feroform bearings offer key technical advantages for hydraulic cylinders and the corresponding machinery. As such, Feroform bearings have established themselves as the superior choice thanks to their market-leading wear performance and friction levels.
These low-friction parts have quick reaction times, giving a smoother and more controlled movement of the piston, in order to give safer and more reliable machinery. At the same time, the tighter running clearances of durable Feroform bearings gives better support and guiding to the piston, further improving movement performance.
Increased uptime of the hydraulic cylinder is a key benefit when using Feroform bearings, whose main feature is a longer work life. Machinery works for longer periods before repair stops because Feroform bearings outlast typical bearing materials like inferior plastic or cotton-based parts.
Independent field testing by the world’s leading mining equipment manufacturer proves a 2,000-hour work bonus before the first maintenance stop to replace wear parts. This is especially vital for mining or offshore operations, which are often remote and hard to access.
Feroform helps solve the problem of expensive standstill periods and costly repairs, by avoiding unplanned downtime. Feroform’s longer bearing life delivers on this, so machinery works for longer before servicing and these stops can be better predicted.
The commercial benefit of Feroform material is better profit and lower OpEx cost per ton of product. The rising productivity targets within industry places a higher requirement on hydraulic cylinders, which Feroform bearings fulfil.
The superior performance-to-weight ratio of Feroform bearings allows cylinders to become lighter, so bigger loads can be moved each lift, and profit increases. Profit is further improved thanks to reduced energy usage of a smoother running Feroform cylinder, the lower ownership cost of longer life bearings, and less time spent on maintenance stops. Feroform material is anti-corrosive, and specially designed to work with all typical shaft metals and coatings. This protects costly internal parts from damage and further reduces costs on-site.

•Increased lifetime of hydraulic cylinder
•Better uptime and fewer, quicker repair stops
•Improved performance of hydraulic cylinders
•Smooth and reliable movement of the cylinder piston
•Excel even at extreme temperatures, with negligible expansion or swell
•Reduced cost of ownership and operation
•Material with all major marine society classification

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