Materials Handling

The sliding abrasion found in many material processing applications can be severe and rapidly erode metal and polyurethane parts and liners. Typical applications here include baffle plates, chutes, scrapers, conveyors, mixer paddles and pipe repair.


All types of mixers face abrasive wear. Ferobide has been proven to give long life in planetary mixers, ring pan mixers, mullet mixers and screw mixers on scrapers, paddles and flights. Ferobide can be used either on leading edges on scrapers and paddles, or in conjunction with tungsten carbide to prevent wear of exposed steel parts on for example arms.

Left: Hardfaced scraper after 400 batches – lost 50-75mm. Right: Ferobide scraper after 1200 batches – only lost 15mm. A 10x life improvement.


Screw conveyor flights and shafts can face severe abrasion when transporting ash, glass cullet, bark and wood chip for example. Ferobide is a good option for screw flights and shafts since it saves downtime compared to hardface welding, improves life and also allows for in situ repair – avoiding the need to transport large and bulky screws from site to a workshop.

IMAGE: Ferobide welded to extruder screw. The hardfaced flight was flush with the Ferobide tile at start, as indicated by the red lines. Photo taken after 3 months in operation showing the significant difference in wear performance.


Ferobide tiles and plates are very useful in high wear areas of chutes to increase uptime and minimise production disturbances. Ferobide is mainly used in abrasive, low impact, applications involving glass cullets, asphalt, aggregates, slag and ores.

IMAGE: Left: Chromium carbide plates worn out in a chute after 4 weeks. Right: Ferobide in the same chute after 4 months and still in operation after 6 months. A 6x+ life improvement!

Cold Milling

For road maintenance, Ferobide can for example be used on height adjustment skids and similar components that scrape against the surface of the road. A leading contractor in Scotland tested Ferobide alongside wear steel and chromium carbide skids and found Ferobide to provide 4-8x longer life in application, generating significant savings.

IMAGE: Ferobide tiles on cold planer skids after 4 months. Normal life of 25mm wear steel: 6 weeks. Life of 12mm chromium carbide: 12 weeks. Life of 4mm Ferobide: 50 weeks.


In plants conveying sand and aggregates in pipes, such as in the cement industry, a common problem is pipes wearing out in areas where flows of product are concentrated onto small areas with holes and leakages as a consequence. Here Ferobide is a versatile and extremely long lasting solution to repair leakages.


Ferobide performs very well in sliding abrasion as found on drag chain applications. On conveyor flights Ferobide can give a life increase of many times that of hardened steels when sliding against a steel counterface. In practice this means that conveyor flights will last the life of the chain – improving uptime and lowering costs. Ferobide also helps reduce friction in the application which reduce stresses on chain links and ultimately increases life of the chain as well.

Ferobide is also used as heavy dusty chain guides in abrasive environments, such as that found in the sugar industry. By fitting Ferobide to guide bends, excessive wear can be prevented and chain tensioning is avoided which reduces downtime.

On dragline chains for excavators, Ferobide can provide a lightweight wear protection option. Since Ferobide would typically last 5-6 times longer than conventional “chocky blocks” the thickness and therefore weight can be reduced significantly, or conversely the life of the wear protection can be increased without adding extra weight.

IMAGE Top: 6mm steel guide on sugar cane harvester worn through halfway through the season. Bottom: 4mm Ferobide guide showing virtually no wear after a full season in the same position.


On tunnel boring machines, TBMs, Ferobide has successfully been used to protect areas of the cutterhead in the Swedish Hallandsåsen tunnel project. It presents a long lasting and weldable option to conventional hardened steels and hardfacing rods, saving significant time on maintenance.

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