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“In mixing of ferrocarbon and alloys for electrode manufacture, we protected muller mixer paddles with Ferobide. Ferobide continues to operate after 6 months with no visible wear, already giving us a life improvement of 3-5 times over hardface welding.”

Gangaa Mixers, India

Muller mixer paddle blades

“We welded Ferobide plates around the cutterhead. 2 km of tunnel was bored in highly abrasive granite earth, where high speed subjects the face to extreme forces. Ferobide gives significant lifetime increase of 6-7 times.”

Skanska Vinci, Sweden

Cutterhead of tunnel boring machine

“A good solution for repairing holes due to concentrated wear! In this case the cement is only flowing against the area where the Ferobide tiles are welded. These tiles have a good hardness and are ideal as a wear resistant surface.”

(The old repair patches can be seen under the Ferobide tiles and they did not last nearly as long as Ferobide)

Saint Gobain, Sweden

Cement transportation pipe

“After doing 700 acres, shin section of the subsoil leg was just like new.”

Martin Mason

Operator at JP Mason

“I have been using Ferobide faced packer scrapers and subsoiler points for two months now. The packer scrapers have completed 1200 acres with no visible wear, standard ones need adjusting after 80 acres. We have also had subsoiled up to 950 acres without changing point metal.”

Nigel Knowles


“We welded Ferobide onto the openers and it looks they will last 5 times as long as standard. Easy to use and very versatile.””

Richard Elvidge

Operator at T Soans and Son, Yorkshire

“We have used Ferobide extensively this year on legs and scrapers with great success, we will be using it again”

Richard Watson

Poskitts Carrots

“I was asked to do a trial with the new 8x40x4mm tiles back in March. We fitted half the scrapers on our cultivator with Ferobide and half were left plain, after 180 acres the plain scrapers were worn out but the Ferobide was untouched. I will always fit Ferobide in the future”

Henry Neave,
Hillington, Kings Lynn

“After using Ferobide on our subsoiler shins it has completed 400h/a to date with hardly any noticeable wear, it’s possible they will do 1200 h/a.”

Jonathan Rycroft,
Flaxton, York

“Having completed 400ha using welded Ferobide tiles on subsoiler legs and feet I can honestly say it is a major step forward on soil engaging parts.”

Mr Nutt,
Scarborough, North Yorkshire

“We welded the Ferobide tiles onto Rabewerk plough points, the welding process was easy and the Ferobide very hard wearing, definitely worth doing”

Mathew Copley, manager
East Newton Hall Farms, Oswaldkirk, York

“At each end of this attached to the chain, it is quite heavy and they have problems with the side plate worn fast down to the sleeve which again causes the chain to move. Now we have welded Ferobide at these points which are the most stressful and where the problem is. It has been shown to work well and the chain lasts longer than before”

Bergene Holm Nidarå, Norway

Chain link protection under scraper of log conveyor

“These two plough points completed 180 hectares on the same plough at the same time. The point on the right had been treated with welded hard facing, the point on the left with Ferobide. The right hand point lost 1.5kg, the left hand point lost 65g.”

JSP Agri


“We trialled Ferobide last year and it is going to give us a considerable saving in wearing metal, and a big reduction in downtime so will be more efficient”

David Charlton

Operator at Breck House engineering, Helmsley

Background: Farmers and contractors of 3,000 acres

“To achieve a longer overall working life, Ferobide wear plates must be welded to the wheel at its most vulnerable positions. This machine has already worked for 800 hours with Ferobide, and I believe it would be safe and effective for another 800 hours!”

Sébastien van de Werve, Souche

Villers-Perwin, Belgium

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